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To better support its laboratories, ENVAL LABORATOIRE has  developed a powerful metrology. Its mission is to organize and plan the inspection and calibration of critical equipment that has significant impact on the accuracy and reliability of the result.

The control of measurement processes is the main objective of the metrological function. The slogan, “good measures for good decision” greatly describe this goal. Consequently, the periodic monitoring of equipment performance is essential for the test reliability.

According to a well-defined program, each years, the critical equipment used for the tests (refrigerators, laboratory ovens, glassware, bain-marie, scale) are calibrated by accredited laboratories, recognized by EA/ILAC.

ENVAL LABORATOIRE is at the forefront of accredited laboratories the diversity of services provided under accreditation and aims to position itself as a leader in the sub-region.

We offer a very wide range of analytical services and increasingly efficient services.

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