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Accredited according to the ISO 17025: 2017 standard, the microbiology laboratory mainly works in the field of food safety and the environment.

We propose to our customers :

  • Standardized methods of research and enumeration in solid and liquid media
  • Methods for rapid detection of germs by PCR
  • Cleanroom testing and certification

Samples are collected according to the appropriate ISO standard (meeting the general requirements for sampling, preservation, handling, transport and storage of all samples) under suitable transport conditions to the laboratory which maintains and preserves the integrity and value of the samples in accordance with the recommendations of the technical standards.


Analyses are performed with state-of-the-art equipment regularly calibrated by accredited international organizations, monitored and verified by Enval Laboratory’s metrology department using certified reference materials (F1 and F2 category standard weights adapted to testing needs, connected temperature sensors: thermo button, PT100 sensors and TT3 thermometers etc.).


A multidisciplinary technical staff of engineers and senior technicians in the fields of chemistry, biology and quality prepares and carries out physical and chemical tests as well as research on chemical and organic contaminants and heavy metals. It provides support and scientific expertise to food and drinking water production companies for the management of the quality and hygiene of their production. It is authorized and regularly evaluated on the basis of inter-laboratory tests (EIL) organized by international organizations.

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