MICROSOL-UEMOA of Diama Maraye (North Senegal): the CEO of ENVAL Group visited the main equipment

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Within the framework of the implementation of the program for the development of an integrated agricultural platform for the production, processing and conservation of food products by a MICROSOL type solar power plant in its member countries, the WAEMU Commission has signed a delegated project management agreement with the African Biofuels and Renewable Energy Company (Saber-ABREC). The latter worked with Schneider Electric, the supplier of the MICROSOL solution, previously identified by the UEMOA Commission.
On site, Thursday, April 29, 2021, Bakary Coulibaly, the CEO of ENVAL Group based in Abidjan ( Côte d’Ivoire), expressed his satisfaction with the supply, installation and commissioning of the solar platform type MICROSOL in the farm of Diama-Maraye . He noted that the backfill work was carried out by THIAYTOU Group, then the installations were carried out by the company ENERGIE R, under the technical supervision of Schneider Electric which ensured the connection of the various energy production units installed on the site of Djama Maraye.
Mr. Coulibaly said that the specific purpose of his field mission was to make a visual inspection of the main equipment installed and to check their proper functioning. The following elements were checked in the presence of technicians from the National Agency for Integration and Agricultural Development (ANIDA), including Dr. Abdoulaye Ngom and Bamba Fall

– The support of all the facilities: the verification of the good standing of the civil engineering, support of the facilities (electrical unit, thermal unit, support of the cylinders, local of the generator, …); the inking of the metallic structures, support of the photovoltaic modules…
– The electrical unit: checking the grounding; the operation of the generator; the operation of the electrical unit; the control of the electrical connections; the electrical tests; the functional tests; the verification of the connection of the HV and LV panels…
– The thermal unit: operation of the thermal unit; operation of the parabolic trough field; functional tests of the parabolic trough system; functional tests; verification of the water in the hot water storage tanks; verification of the temperature of the hot water at the entrance of the fish ponds; verification of the temperature of the hot water in the ponds equipped with heating systems…
This exercise allowed the General Manager of the ENVAL Group to see for himself that the expected results of the project have been achieved: the generator room and the supports for the electrical and thermal units are in good condition; the electrical unit is working properly; the thermal unit is working well; the temperature of the water at the entrance to the fish ponds is satisfactory; the temperature of the heated water in the ponds is acceptable.
The only thing left to do, according to him, is to obtain the necessary authorizations to proceed with the start-up of the installations.
We could then proceed to the final reception of the installations of the units of thermal solar production and electric of the site of Diama Maraye in the region of Saint Louis in Senegal, in the presence of the Senegalese authorities.
The CEO of ENVAL Group recalled that in the context of this project, Senegal is a pioneer because it is the first installation that is functional. This regional project, which covers the eight (8) countries of the UEMOA, will continue in Guinea Bissau where work is underway, then in Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, and so on.

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